Dejgon R|Chubb (born March 22, 1993), professionally known as Badkiller BeAtZ, Deshawn Productions (stylized as Deshawn’s Productions) or simply Deshawn, is the hottest German record producer also is he a songwriter, label owner, videograph, photograph, and much more. He is best known for producing trap beats, old & new school beats, Rnb beats, house beats, and much more, for several of his and his father’s artists.

“Reshawn’s Interview”

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[mdi-icon name=”account” size=”default” color=”white”]Dejgon R|Chubb

[mdi-icon name=”calendar-today” size=”default” color=”white”]BIRTHDAY: March 22, 1993

[mdi-icon name=”domain” size=”default” color=”white”]RESIDENCE: Bavaria, Germany

[mdi-icon name=”receipt” size=”default” color=”white”]OCCUPATION: Rapper | Songwriter | Producer | Beatmaker

[mdi-icon name=”music-note” size=”default” color=”white”]GENRES: Hip Hop | Minimal Techno | House | EDM

[mdi-icon name=”chart-line” size=”default” color=”white”]PRODUCING SINCE: 2005 – Present

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